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Replying to LO11342 and LO11330

>Jacqueline Mullen wrote:
>> "relationship is a collaborative, improvisational work of art".

Durval Muniz de Castro replied to Jacqueline's statement:
>This is so beautiful I can't resist commenting on it!
>- - relationship: humanity is based on relationship,
>- - "co-laborative": laboring, facing resistances and helping one another,
>- - improvisational: the world is alive and changing, nothing is predetermined,
>- - work: building the world, feeling rewarded, resting,
>- - art: skill and thought with a purpose, beauty, gracefulness.

I absolutely agree. It's a little juwel of poetry. The statement itself is
art. Just look what it has done to Duval! And isn't that exactly what real
art does: it works inspiring, it brightens up your imagination and it
invits to reflection and co-creation. It makes you dream about and hope
for a different and better future.

So how come that art is so little integrated in LO projects? OK there's
gaming, simulations and assesment, but that is in my opinion no art. I
haven't found any exercise in the Fieldbook that was connected to one or
another form of art., neither in passive or active form. Why? It might be
clear that I'm an absolute promotor of a deeper integration of the arts in
LO projects.

I use Eurythmy ( an art of movement) to achieveShared Vison, Personal
Mastery (for Topmanagement) and Teamlearning (middle and lower
Management). I have a silent hope that one day LO and it's consultants and
trainers are seen as Artistic Experienced Scientists, and that there will
exist a Fifth Discipline Fieldbook of The Arts containing: the use of arts
in System Thinking, Mental Modelling, Creating Shared Vison, Personal
Mastery and Teamlearning.

Who is interested to start a thread on this topic?
The kick-off could be:
- to hear from those who have experience with arts in LO-projects;
- to share statements and views to the integration of arts in LO;
- to summaries and discuss expected results on the use of art in LO;
- to share art-exercises which have been used in projects and can be
re-produced with or without facilitators .

I am willing to use some time and some MB's on my internet-site to make
facts, concepts, examples of art-exercises -like in the Fieldbook-
available to us. (Of course it would IMO be the best solution to add a
page like this to the LO-Homepage, but I'm quite shure that Richard has
enough on his hands as it is... Isn't it Richard?). But perhaps we first
discuss the question whether this is an LO matter or not?

[Host's Note: Hello Winfried! Yes, I have plenty on my hands, but if you
or anyone else is willing to create pages of this type, I will happily
install them on the LO site, or put them on your site and send a msg to
the LO list with a URL. ...Rick]

Greetings from cold, grey and windy Holland.

Winfried Deijmann

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