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>Someday I'll be able to drive (or float) down the freeway, have my E-Mail
>appear on my windshield, read it, respond to it, even listen to voice mail
>and video messages, and not worry about crashing my car because there will
>be some type of sensor in the line dividers which are connected to the GPS
>satellite, which is coordinating and controlling all traffic. So much for
>traffic jams (especially if traffic could be stacked vertically -- three
>or four cars high -- and flow horizontally), and so much for wasted time
>driving between different locations. And so much for bridges, overpasses,
>and so forth. This type of technology will have a radical -- and I'm
>certain unanticipated affect -- on our organizations and on our work.
>And I can't wait to get there. . .

Hi Ben!

I've read your posting with growing amazement. Leaving me with the
question: WHY?

Why, Ben? What are you trying to abandon or to avoid or to achieve? What
do you expect from a technolized world, where everything is taken care of?
To be honest, the way you put it scaires me!

There were times that we had to memorize by heart so much and we had to do
so much. You want to alter that. Why? What's wrong with 'learning by
heart' and using your own hands to do something?

What radical -- and unanticipated affect -- do you see? Out of your point
of view I imagine a kind of Lego-future: a colourfull coldplastic modulair
connected society where every human is seen as a device with a
MicroSoft/Lego logo. I imagine a brave new world with a population of
addicted depressed humans, because they are lonely and so bored with their
existance. In the future you describe no form of inner spiritual activity
is needed anymore, because everythming is presented on a (virtual) plate.

I never want to get there... because it looks like as if cumputers and
media are treated like People and Places. ( See Book Recommendation

In the future I dream off I will allow technology a role, but I will not
accept it to rule over me. I will not accept it to dictate me what is
possible, nor what's right or wrong. I will continiously monitor and judge
it's influence. I will turn down This Exceptionally Friendly Device
whenever necessary.

Can you tell me more about how you look at the position of children and
addults in that world? Can you describe what they do? What do they feel?
What is the quality of their thinking: mechanistic or organic-dynamic?
What do they see around them and experience? What 's the purpose of their
learning and their jobs? Are they allowed to play freely or will every
game has an implicite educational purpose? How free are humans in your

greetings from my home in winterweather Holland, where it's five o'clock
in the afternoon. Where my wife just made coffee, where my children just
came in, walked home from school with a wounded little bird. Where we
together will sitt around the table, share the experiences from the day
and make plans for Christmas. Where we -like every year- will make our own
Christmas decorations from natural materials discussing the question why
we celibrate Christmas the way we do and why others don't. No E-mail,
Voice-mail or Videomessage can exchange that.


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