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> From the age 10 onward I would lay in bed at night and try to imagine what
> computers would be like when I was 20, 30, 40 and so on. I would dream
> that my entire house was computerized, making it more energy efficient.

I would like to relate this to something I wrote in another post to this

"We can use a metaphor: the system's approach, compared to traditional
science, is like Lego compared to a conventional toy (a car, an airplane,
etc). The conventional toy may have finer detail and many exciting
features, but with Lego I can make `my own toy'."

The relation of computers to conventional machines is like that of lego to
conventional toys. Computers have a ludic and plastic dimension. They are
toys for both young and grown up people: they allow adults to manifest
their inner children.

I remember how Nietzsche (Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Three Metamorphoses)
compared the stages of spiritual development to the camel (hard work), the
lion (courage) and the child (creativity).

This brings some questions to my mind:

Is the relation of learning organization to traditional organization like
that of lego to conventional toys, or like that of computers to
conventional machines?

Are the ludic and the plastic dimensions necesary for learning?


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