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Replying to LO11304 --

Replying to LO11304

Ian Saunders says:

> IMO in the 'coaching' process, whether at the individual or organisational
> level the coach has to see 'passing on their skills' as one of their key
> intentions. Enabling the person or organisation to carry on without you is
> IMHO very important.

The basis for effective delegation is to coach your staff to do your job
as well as you can (or better). This is not to make you redundant, but
rather to enable you to do the work of your own manager so that eventually
every one moves up a grade.

This is the antidote to the Peter Principle (you rise to the level of your
own incompetence); at each stage where you can manage your work, you coach
those below you to do it for you so that you have the time to learn
(through couching from your manager) how to do the next level. Thus in an
organization which uses effective coaching you are limited only by the one
at the top.

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