Can LO Work in a Unionized Environment? LO11327
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 06:13:17 -0500

Replying to LO11316 --

John Farago said,
>Using fewer people or paying them less for comparable >quality output makes
>companies more competitive and/or >profitable than others.....

John, I know people say this, but is this really true?
Later you added

>Unions largely exist to protect and advance the interests of
>their members, defending and promoting those interests not
>only against employers, but sometimes also against.........

Do the unions ever advance and protect the interests of their
fight on the same sides as employers, gov't. etc?

I wonder how many of us carry around a mental model of what the union is
(not only those of us in management , ownership, etc but also those of us
in unions, rank and file and leadersh). It's easier to carry the old
mental model around instead of taking the time and energy to intereact
with each other to develop a new mental model for the relationship that
your in.

Joe DiVincenzo


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