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Colston Sanger (colston@gid.co.uk)
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 08:30:40 +0100 (BST)

Replying to LO10233 --

Benjamin Compton writes:
> Later that evening I talked to one of the managers there and privately
> expressed my frustration with the lack of inquiry. His comment was,
> "Ben, your constantly challenging traditional business wisdom; you
> always want to examine assumptions, and point out blind spots; your so
> esoteric and eccentric that nobody knows how to relate to you. Dumb it
> down a bit, and things will work out."
> In other words, stop thinking and act like everyone else and things will
> be OK. . .they may have a point about relatability and eccentricity, but
> that's where it stops. . .


What I'm hearing here is:

- even in the fast-paced industry that you work in,
you're going too fast for them
- that they can't at the moment connect the words you use to their
understanding of their world
- but that they'd like to.

>... Dumb it
> down a bit, and things will work out."

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