Intro -- Nancy Burris LO10264
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 10:31:22 -0400

I am relatively new, formally, to the Learning Organization concepts of
Peter Senge, et al. But with 9 years of line management experience within
IBM during times of substantive change and a bit over two years in
business for myself, both consulting with organizations going through
substantive change and in starting up two business ventures, I feel I have
a LOT of practical experience.

I also am part of a study group that is slowly working our way through The
Fifth Discipline and the accompanying Field Book. We have decided as part
of our process to study ourselves as we form into a team to accomplish our
goal. We are all independent consultants, with a professional interest in
the disciplines presented in the books, and with clients who seek our
advice in managing the myriad aspects of change.

One of my fellow participants in this study group suggested subscribing
here. I suspect that I will observe, primarily in silence, for a while as
I get a better sense of your process and discourse. I am most intrigued
by (what I refer to as) "the shared AHA!". In my experience, the most
significant learnings, and most satisfying dialogues, occur when
participants share the creation of a new "synapse". When the experiences
and knowledge that I have becomes connected to someone else's experience
and knowledge because a bridge is provided between the two bodies of
information--which often requires a third party to make to connection. It
is my hope that I will see (and be a party to) some shared AHAs! as a
participant in this forum.

Nancy Burris
MindShare Associates
Metairie, Louisiana


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