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Julie Beedon (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 14:49:19

Replying to LO10142 --

Many Thnaks to Joe for helping us to mark the passing of this LO millenium
by encouragin gus to reflect on our learning here..

I had not thought of the dialogue here as akin to the morning paper but I
could instantly relate to it - or like having a magazine on LO which
arrives daily (Oh dear magazine industry I wonder what it is doing to your
sales having interactive medium like this - I certainly have less time to
read the ones I recieve!!)

In my 18 months here I have introduced many people to the list (and we
have grown somewhat haven't we??) Some have only stayed a short while -
the volume of messages was not helpful to them or some other such reasons
(isn't it a pity people don't say goodbye?)

I have been inspired to think about many new things - memes, unlearning,
complexity, networks, virtual teams etc... and to buy many new books like
John Warfield Interactive Management and Michael's Intelligence Advantage

I have been surprised (as a member of the British Deming Association as to
the extent to which the works of people like Deming form a philosophical
and theoretical underpinning to many of our converstaions (not sure why I
should be surprised... )

I have discovered many new friends - some of whom I have been priveliged
to meet in person and others whom I hope to meet someday. I have recieved
useful feedback and practical advice and much wisdom ... I look forward to
our next millenium together...

Many thanks Rich and everybody

Julie Beedon
VISTA Consulting


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