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Joe O'Keeffe (100307.3672@CompuServe.COM)
24 Sep 96 04:30:22 EDT

[Host's Note: we recently distributed msg LO10000 and coincidently we
also recently distributed the Digest #1000. I'm a bit surprised myself...
For anyone who might be uncertain, the content of the Digest is exactly
the same as the content of the individual messages, they'll just
delivered in blocks of ten or so messages. ...Rick]

Rick, congratulations on bringing us the 1000th edition of the
Learning-Org. Digest. Through this list you have created an incredibly
warm extended family of diverse people in what feels like continuous
dialogue. My periods of silence tend to be fairly long...until I am moved
to speak ! [Instead of reading the paper, most mornings I read the
Learning-Org. Digest].

Digest edition no. 1000 led me to consider how my thinking on LO has
matured since I switched to the Digest at No. 200 in August 1995. Thanks
especially to Hamel & Prahalad's "Competing for the Future"; Block's
"Stewardship" and Nonaka's "Knowledge-Creating Company", my thinking now
sees LO and Knowledge Creation as underlying philosophies and tools. These
can be applied to "Drivers of Success" e.g. to Strategy Development,
Notions of Management and Innovation/Creativity which result in "success
for all". All includes individuals & organisations and success is whatever
you want that to be, in the sense of Shared Vision.

This way of looking at it appears to have more appeal to CEOs. Their eyes
used to glaze over when I tried to describe the LO ideas on their own.
Strategy & Innovation are easier points of entry to their mental models of
what is important, IMHO.

If it moves any others to 'check-in', I would really value hearing about
the "learning" of other fellow-pilgrims during the first millenium of LO
Digest Internet time. Most of all THANKS Rick & everybody for the help you
have given to me. Slan [Pron. "slawn", Gaelic for 'Good Health to You'].

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Cork, Ireland.
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