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Thu, 26 Sep 1996 09:54:48 -0400

Replying to LO10161 --


I'd like to call attention to Bo Jackson's impassioned declaration, "Just
do it!"

What is there to be gained by delaying Sherri's experiment? LO has spent
a millenium talking about dialogue and has made all the points that Chau
Nguyen has now refreshed for us. Why not, as Sherri suggests, pause for a
brief moment, conduct dialogue, then resume talking about dialogue for the
next millenium? Is this discipline so harsh? It feels like the
discipline of silence, or at least biting one's lip.

If you want a specific groundrule, propose it to Sherri. If you want
subjectless dialogue, then propose: "Sherri speaks first without a
subject, and others must not speak from or rest upon a subject." (That's
Plato, by the way, to do without topos, or preformulations that generalize
or abstract from experience. The modern mind misreads Plato as building
doctrine, because the modern mind only sees doctrine.)

Sherri's group of interlocutors might fail. So what? The team that won't
practice already has failed.


Kent Myers myersk@us.net

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