Dialogue Expt Here LO10188 -Launch!

Richard Karash (rkarash@karash.com)
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 23:42:11 -0400 (EDT)

Replying to LO10182 --

OK, let's try it!

Everyone relax... Take a deep breath... In... Out... Ah... That felt

Open yourself to Sherri's topic... Or whatever is stiring within you.

Suggested guide lines:

- speak from the heart, from the gut, moreso than from the head
- speak to the center, rather than to any one person
- speak when moved and when ready
- pause... allow others' words to land before speaking
- brevity... but not at the expense of spontaneity

Sherri, would you please start us out... Use any subject line you like.
Please open yourself to Sherri's launch. Guidelines above apply
especially to the thread that Sherri starts.

Comments about the process, please use this subject line ("Dialogue Expt
Here") so they will be separate from the dialogue itself. We'll adjust
the ground rules as we go. (I do have one proviso: I've got my hands full
with my current host's role; I can't consider options that would change
my process or add more steps to the process.)

Duration: Month of October, then evaluate.

Other topics should proceed as usual on the list.

-- Rick


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