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From: "Dr. Ivan Blanco" <BLANCO@BU4090.BARRY.EDU>
Subject: Systems thinking, politics vs. government LO10073
> ....
> If we, for instance, had a system where politicians first come up with the
>ideas on
> how to resolve people's problems, sell those ideas to the people to gain
> (economic and otherwise) to continue to sell the ideas to more people...


Your points are well-taken; e-mail has a tendency to undermine subtlety,
and I missed yours. Your recent response clearly shows thoughful you are
about all of this.

I just wanted to expand on your point, which I quoted above. You're
talking about a gradual expansion of an idea (might we say, "meme"?),
which I think is exactly right. The problem with the current system is
that the leap from individual or small group idea to a national or
systemic idea is too broad for most ideas to cross. It's like an
old-growth forest - the intense shade inhibits the growth of other plants,
and only when a tree dies and topples is there room for a new generation.
And then, since only those species which have an established success in
the forest are around, they're the only ones whose seeds have a chance to
compete in the new space.



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