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Jeff Brooks wrote -

> As a psychologist, I feel compelled to take issue with your
> characterization of "shrinks", and I have a question for you.
> First, as I began posting to the LO board, I wondered how people in the
> business world viewed psychologists and mental health practitioners in
> general. I get some of the flavor of your views from your use of the work
> "shrink", but I'd like you to articulate your conception further, if you
> wouldn't mind. As I am thinking about shifting into the business world
> (perhaps going to school for an MBA), I would very much appreciate a sense
> of the preconceptions I would run into. (If anyone else would like to
> respond, too, I'd welcome it.)

I should have been more specific. By shrink, I meant psychiatrists in this
case and as related by George, they concentrated on why. I am aware of
some fine work by psychologists. My use of the word shrink was out of
place and it was not meant in a demeaning way although I must admit that I
have been unimpressed by the results achieved by psychiatrists. I am
unable to provide you a sense of preconceptions by business in general. I
am aware that the AA approach to substance abuse is far more effective
than that of medical community.

Regards, Joan
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