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Replying to the John Constantine

Having read the book by Ricardo Semler, Maverick I keep on asking the
question: Is what he says in the last two paragraphs of the book not what
we are talking about:

"Semco is more than novel programmes or procedures. What is important is
our open-mindedness, our trust in our employees and distrust of dogma. We
are neither socialist nore purely capitalist, but we take the best of
these failed systme and others to re- organize work so that collective
thinking does not overpower individualistic flights of grandeur; th;t
leadership does not get lost in and endless search for consensus; that
people are free to work as they like, when they like; that bosses don't
have to be parents and workers don't act like children. At the heart of
our bold experiment is a truth so simple it would be silly if it wasn't so
rarely recongnized: A company should trust its destiny to its employees.

No, Semco isn't a model, with programmes to be followed with precision, so
many recipes for participation, productivity, and profits. Semco is an
invitation. I hope our story will cause other companies to reconsider
themselves, and their employees. To forget socialism, capitalism,
just-in-time deliveries, salary surveys, and the rest of it, and to
concentrate on building organizations that accomplish that most difficult
of all challenges: to make people look forward to coming to work in the

Looking at the results at Semco, I believe we can take a page out of his
book and use it when we talk about "unlearning".

Floris G. Visser.

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