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John Constantine (
Sat, 14 Sep 1996 09:54:56 -0700

Replying to LO9919 --

Robert makes a very valid point in stressing how difficult and
fundamentally different it is to suggest, conjure, persuade or otherwise
have the management "flip the switch" when they don't see a problem at

Companies and indeed all organizations essentially "get what they pay
for", in that they will "obtain" the desired results, or provide adequate
offset on the books, by means of "downsizing", re-structuring,
formulating new "improved" policies, etc.; these will, for a time,
produce the results anticipated, or (in the death cycle of an
organization) continue a downward spiral which to the management appears
not at all. Hence the need for "re-vitalization" from without or from

Some of the hardest times have been in dealing with the mindset issues
with which a company struggles. I've found one can only do so much in
trying to assist the company in the "unlearning process". Whether it is
my inability to convince every company I talk to, or something else
again, more times than not I have to put aside the efforts for a time
until the company finds an "answer" they can fully grasp.


Regards, John Constantine Rainbird Management Consulting Santa Fe, NM

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