Competency Based HR Systems LO10014

Roxanne S. Abbas (75263.3305@CompuServe.COM)
17 Sep 96 07:11:51 EDT

I am working with a couple of organizations to dismantle their old command
and control HR systems and replace them with systems that align with the
principles of the Learning Organization. I see the fundamental paradigm
shift as from a philosophy of control of individual behaviors and results
to a philosophy of providing learning opportunities in a healthy
environment where individuals can thrive and contribute. The generic name
that is emerging for this new model is Competency Based Human Resources.

One of my clients, St. Joseph's Home for Children, a division of Catholic
Charities, has a very successful pilot project in progress. Some of the
leaders in other divisions have misgivings about this new, relatively
untested approach. They have asked me to try to locate other social
service organizations who are developing Competency Based HR Systems. Do
any of you have a lead for me? Thanks in advance.


Roxanne Abbas

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