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You mentioned an interesting model of different types of intelligence
(Madsen). I was struggling for some time trying to drive an analogy
between "what may be the way human brain gatters and stores information"
and "what we call intelligence". I know that this may not make any sense,
or may find some warm supporters, but let it be just an idea shared.

Suppose that human brain gets info in quanta of energy. Those small
ammounts of energy stimulate chemical reactions (using some energy from
inside) and resultant components get stored (like series of colors).
Suppose some individuals have wider pallete of colors and some narrower.
Second assumptions is that after some time these chemical components
produced start "desolving". Not every color is equaly stable, so the
information gets lost over time. Some individuals may have more stable or
less stable certain colors.

This would imply that the way we "understand" environment is somewhat
different from an individual to another. Differences are probably much
smaller than let's say between different species.

Maybe this has been proven or eliminated as a viable hypothesis already
(that is not my field, I only feel good to share an idea), however the
analogy may lead us to structuring communications in an organization based
on principle of colors, giving and defining more colors that depict basic
learnings, and therefore enable us to communicate and understand things
through our collective knowledge. It may also ask for a stable, wide
"buffer" where traces of some ideas from the past may be kept for the sake
of driving better analogies, and also help directing organizations towards
solutions faster (something like TRIZ methodology).

Organizations may define patterns of knowledge, maintaining and defining
those colors that have the best fit to their metaphor. Those patterns
change and that gives the organizations sense of learning (continuous
change of the knowledge pallete).

Vasco Drecun


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