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14 Sep 96 11:36:05 EDT

Replying to LO9893 --

Benjamin Compton <> quotes Truman Madsen who defines
at least for types of intelligence:

>1) Imagination -- the ability to picture the concrete pictorially,
>2) Conceptualization -- the ability to understand principles, information,
>3) Memorization -- the ability to retain what one learns and summon it at
>4) Simplicity-minded -- not simpleminded, but simplicity-minded, having

I'll see you four and raise you four! Harvard's Howard Gardner defines 8:

1) Linguistic
2) Logical
3) Musical
4) Spatial
5) Kinesthetic
6) Intrapersonal
7) Interpersonal
8) Naturalist

in his latest book "leading minds an anatomy of leadership" which was
featured in Business Week, Sept 16, p 104. It is only a theory but it
makes us think, which is useful. IQ tests measure 2) & 4)...


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