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Knud Lindholm Lau (
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 11:59:23 +0200

Dear readers,

May I ask a non-creative question: What is the most excellent journal,
book or WEB-site dealing with creativity and problem solution?

Can anyone help me with references apart from the very wellknown works
of de Bono?


Knud Lindholm Lau


[Host's note: Walter Derzko, who participates here, has the "Creativity
Consortium" at URL: which I
believe is on the deBono line. There are numerous deBono resources on the

For another, try a web search for "Synectics" -- I'm thinking of
Synectics, Inc. in Cambridge MA and the work of William J. J. Gordon.
There is a book _The Practice of Creativity_ by George Prince. I was
trained years ago as a Synectics facilitator and have found this immensely
valuable. ...Rick]


Knud Lindholm Lau <>

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