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Alan Mossman (100733.3202@CompuServe.COM)
16 Sep 96 06:04:40 EDT

responding to Knud's query about Creativity and problem solution LO9944.

>What is the most excellent journal, book or WEB-site dealing with creativity
>and problem solution?

Why do you ask ?

Is it because you really want to know more about creativity and problem
solving _or_

Because you want to be able to create results ?

If the former then I think Rick's suggestions are excellent. You might
also like to contact Dr Tudor Rickards at Manchester Business School UK
(+44) 0161 860 7175 fax (+44) 0161 860 6379. Tudor heads the creativity
group there and has written a number of books.

If, like many others that I have spoken to, it is the latter (and
creativity and problem solving skills are assumed to be the relevant
skills) there is another way.

Robert Fritz outlines it in

_The Path of Least Resistance_ and
both from Butterworth-Heinemann UK 1994
(or Fawcett Columbine 1989 & 1991 in the US)

He develops the organisational applications of these ideas in
_Corporate Tides_ Berrett-Koehler US 1996.

Fritz has no web site to my knowledge.

His key ideas are covered in a two day course. Let me know if you would
like more information.



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