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John -- I guess my message was not very clear because what you have
written back is an interpretation which is completely different from my
intent. So I hope to clear up the confusion...

John Constantine wrote:

>If that is development, then I would have to agree, but I don't know that
>it is development to leave part of our nature behind.

I am not talking about leaving any of our nature behind. I am actually
talking about a greater level of maturity and incorporating more of our
true nature.

>Is it necessary for there to be a "victim mentality" when there is a
>positive response to a stimulus? Isn't that much too limiting? I can
>think of too many possibilities other than negative ones that don't
>require any sort of victimization complex.

I totally agree with you. I am only referring to the times when it is
negative. The positive need not be touched... if it ain't broke don't fix

>Doesn't this discussion of effectiveness and desire imply pre-conditioning
>and assumptions before the fact? Does this not also require analysis after
>the fact, to decide whether or not one's reaction was indeed
>inappropriate, and in fact did diminish your effectiveness? It sounds a
>little like a rehearsed speech, not a human interaction, does it not? It
>doesn't sound like an experience which I would enjoy having, perhaps only
>enjoy watching. A little too much like "1984" for my blood. I understand
>what you are saying, only that I don't, for myself at least, view
>emotional choices as menu options. That's what the emotions are about,
>feelings, not logic.

What I am saying actually has nothing to do with logic. I work with
people all of the time who want help because their *preconditioned*
behavior prevents them from being effective. 1984-ish? I don't think so.
This is about mental models. This is about coming more from my center or
my heart and connecting with situations and people which is above and
beyond any beliefs I have. This is about being more spiritual. Beliefs
and logic are head stuff and what I am talking about is more heart or
spirit centered. When I react from my heart or spirit center I am much
more effective. And that is a stronger center of emotion than the head
beliefs could ever hope to inspire.

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