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Wed, 11 Sep 1996 17:20:49 -0400

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Bravo! Gary. You have said it about as well as Ayn Rand herself said it
in her biography. The Learning Organization of Galt's vision went on to
completely revitalize our society according to Rand

- Hal Popplewell

>3. Very few people are truly unselfish. People give to charity to
> feel better about their own lot, and not feel guilty about their
> wealth vs the have-nots. What Rand said is that's ok. It's ok to be
> selfish, and recognize it. When people really start to recognize that
> they get more back when they give to someone else, that's the real
> power.
> 4. The Learning Organization Galt created, was demonstrated by the
> end of the book when all the group leaves the ideal society to rescue
> Galt. It was an organization of free-will, of reward for results,
> without punishment.

H. E. Popplewell

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