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04 Sep 96 11:53:24 EDT

Replying to LO9672 -- (Joe Katzman) introduces an interesting analogy and

>When managing a change process, therefore, I'd be inclined to pay very close
>attention to the effort's rating and presentation on the "Barney <--> Sesame
>Street Continuum." We know that culture is important in order to ensure
>long-term success as a business, and especially as an LO. Perhaps using the
>"Sesame Street vs. Barney" lens will help some of you to think about (and
>maybe even communicate) a few of the important dimensions in a light-hearted
>and memorable way.

The other learning from this example is that kids learn a great deal from
a medium that is natural to them. I would suggest that the early childhood
learning from Sesame Street created a bigger problem for our education
system than any other single factor. The kids knew more going in and had
high expectations regarding the learning process itself.

The reflection of reality or real life is also a critical lesson for any
change process (you know which end of the spectrum I am on) and other
popular sitcoms like The Simpsons and Married With Children also offend
some because they present a world view that we would rather not
acknowledge. The issue of presenting an unpopular current reality is one
of the major hindrances to an effective change effort. FWIW...IMHO...Keith


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