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"Roxanne S. Abbas" <75263.3305@CompuServe.COM> clarifies my cryptic (again)
comment about personalty conflicts with her personal story:

>... On one memorable occasion, I was the one who
>most desperately needed the growth in understanding and acceptance of other
>personality types. My boss told me in a very kind but firm way that I needed to
>figure out how to do this and the growth had to show in my day to day behavior.
>I came back to him two days later and requested the assistance of an industrial
>psychologist. He approved the cost and I learned and changed and grew (and
>didn't get fired).

Let me clarify my earlier comment
"Personality conflicts are best handled by the removal of one of the parties"
should be expanded to properly say:
"AFter all reasonable attempts to resolve personality conflicts have not
borne any fruit, it is best to separate the conflicting personalities to
minimize their adverse effects."

Such separation does not mean firing of one, but rather removal from daily
conflict. In several instances, I have personally managed difficult people
rather than force one of my reporting managers to have to deal with the
problem. In every case, they were a major contributor and experienced
sufficient personal growth that they were able to eventually fit in.

In every case, they also contributed high value by presenting contrarian
views to keep us alert to opportunities and risks. They were superior
performers once "someone" took the time to understand them. One still
considers himself my friend even though we have not worked together in
over 4 years...



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