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Ben wrote in Roles to Implement LO LO9847...

>The best thing a company can do when designing a GroupWare solution is
>create a cross-functional team that includes IS&T, managers, and
>workers. And, IS&T needs to design the technology to fit the
>organization and the work done within the organization.

Yes, this is my experience also!

I once analyzed the people networks of two IS projects -- both installing
an HR info system. The project that _included_ the users and other
stakeholders in more of their various networks [requirements gathering,
systems building, etc] was judged 'successful' by all those involved. In
the other project, the system was resisted by many [not all], who
continued to do their job the 'old way'. Those that resisted were not
involved in the project throughout -- the 'solution' was dumped in their
laps. It was pretty easy to see from the network diagrams of project
interaction/work which project was more user-centered.

Although both projects finished 'on time' and 'slightly over budget' and
delivered a technically competent system, there was a big difference with
user satisfaction. Since that time I am a devout proponent of
'user-centered' system design.

Any lessons for BPR[and other interventions where outside 'experts' come
in and change the world] in this?

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