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Grover Partee (gpartee@halcyon.com)
Sun, 8 Sep 1996 13:01:33 -0700

Bill Grace at Seattle's Center for Ethical Leadership (cel@halcyon.com)
used to teach a "3 V" model of leadership. To be an ethical leader, he
argued, required that one have a Vision based on a consistent set of
Values and that one must then find one's Voice. John Galt certainly found
his Voice and with it explicated (and helped to actualize) a Vision based
upon a set of Values. Rand and Braden have fine Voices and well describe
their Vision which is founded on a strongly held set of Values.

Bill expanded his model when a student of his pointed out that Hitler,
too, had Values, Vision and Voice! The power of that voice is awesome.
But most of us find his Values repulsive and his Vision as terrifying as
Phillip Capper (pcapper@actrix.gen.nz) finds Rand's. We would hardly wish
to hold Hitler up as a nodel of an ethical leader!

What was missing, Bill felt, was a fourth V: Virtue. This is, I believe,
what grows out of the foundation of action in Christ as suggested by
Thomas P Benjamin (benjamin@anand.nddb.ernet.in) or in some other source
of morality. I'm not sure that atheism is a natural outgrowth of Rand's
philosophy, but amorailty certainly is and without a moral center action
can certainly be dangerous.

Grover Partee
Facilitation & Process Support
Seattle, WA


Grover Partee <gpartee@halcyon.com>

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