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Grover Partee wrote:

<Quote> What was missing, Bill felt, was a fourth V: Virtue. This is, I
believe, what grows out of the foundation of action in Christ as suggested
by Thomas P Benjamin (benjamin@anand.nddb.ernet.in) or in some other
source of morality. <End Quote>

We had a session on values recently attended by Mr. Rushworth Kidder,
President of the Institute for Global Ethics. He too differentiated
between categories of values. He identified the first type as
"operational" values: bravery, loyalty, innovation, risk taking, etc.
They can be used by the mafia or a church equally... they are morally
neutral. The second type he called "terminal" values (also known as
intrinsic). These are morally based and there are five (according to him)
that form the "universal values": compassion, fairness, honesty, respect,
and responsibility. Hitler and similar folks can claim these values, but
can they really have them in a universal or "whole system" sense??

Robert Glitz, LtCol, USAF


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