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when I attended Jacques Lecoq's school of Mime et Movement in Paris,
spontaniety was an essential ingredient in training. Creativity, problem
solving, introspection and collaboration were enhanced by the nature of
the exercises in studio.

This school is not meant to create mimes, but rather to use the Mime as a
stepping stone to greater presence (in the spiritual sense). Such
presence promotes focus, and focus channels vast energies we all have,
thereby increasing potential efficacy and efficiencies in the moment.

Imagine you are the color blue--not an object that IS blue, but the color
itself. How would you move through space?

Imagine that you are Wind waiting in the dentist's office for your turn,
and in walks Water. How would you wordlessly interact with the new
arrival into the waiting room?

And when an actor/mime/entertainer finds the groove, such a discovery is
felt to the core. "Il faut insister"--you have to keep at it, use the
power generated in that moment as long as possible, because the
communicative bridge to others is enormous, bi-directional.

Years after my watershed experiences on Rue du Faubourg St. Denis in
Paris, I realized the profound and universal nature of the training I had
received, and I was overwhelemed by a new depth of perception.

Such spontaneity almost blinds the eye like the powerful glint of
reflected light off the facet of a gemstone. Here's a quatrain of Rumi:

Days are sieves to filter spirit,
reveal impurities, and too,
show the light of some who throw
their own shining into the universe.

Best regards,

Barry Mallis

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