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Rich wrote:

>I wonder/theorize that if people could be given the opportunity to regain
the skill of spontaneity/improvisation, then any demand situation will be
more effectively met. Also, improvisation training seems to provide an
underpinning for other sought-after states, e.g., creativity and
collaboration. I could go on, but I'm wondering if there is any resonance
out there to what may seem like a rather loose association. I'm going to
be brave/spontaneous and push the 'send' button momentarily. I hope you
will push the button because I found your quotation and idea very

Improvisation training seems to be a very pragmatic approach to the
fostering of a more opened mind. Yet I wonder if it can help breaking the
"concreetness" of our mental models by itself alone. I admit my question
can bring to an "egg and chicken" problem, and I am not sure that an
intellectual approach wold be more efficient than this one.

I still ask the question because I have no certainty (and I am happy about
it, because it leaves room for something else, or more)

Frank Billot

L'exp=E9rience, ce n'est pas ce qui arrive =E0 l'individu.
C'est ce que l'individu fait de ce qui lui arrive.=20

Experience is not what happens to an individual.=20
It is what the individual makes of what happens to him.
Aldous Huxley


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