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>Groupware. What are example roles and responsibilities that non-programmers=
>in the team can specialize in so that they can
> * feel valued,
> * increase their contribution potential, as well as
> * create a learning organization?=20

IMHO, when groupware allows users' data to be handled close to their
original form, it already impacts on the level of self-organisation. That
is because the work processes then don't have to be necessarily designed
by "experts" which "know" better than the users how it is and will be in
the future.

It opens space for a knowledge base, which in place of a reductionnist
database, empowers users to organise, share, diffuse relevant data;
relevant data, for them, not simply for "experts".

What do you think ?
Frank Billot

L'exp=E9rience, ce n'est pas ce qui arrive =E0 l'individu.
C'est ce que l'individu fait de ce qui lui arrive.=20

Experience is not what happens to an individual.=20
It is what the individual makes of what happens to him.
Aldous Huxley


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