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Fri, 6 Sep 1996 09:35:40 -0400

Replying to LO9760 --

I was fascinated and inspired re: Barry's description of the school of Mme
and Movement. How do I enroll? (just kidding, unfortunately). I'm
currently enrolled in an improvisational acting workshop in Arlington, MA
run by Daena Giardella. It has been a wonderful, challenging, humbling
experience. There are all levels of student in the group which is where
some of the humility comes from. As a psychologist, I couldn't help being
struck by the developmental re-doing that occurs in the class as the
individual re-learns how to experience, accept, and connect to self and
others through the medium of impulse, body state, imagery, and innate
capacity for storying. As someone interested in Narrative psychology, I am
amazed at the way in which stories organically evolve through
improvisation. Improv is truly the raw, emergent, co-evolved process of

The only other process, in my experience, that compares as a transcendent
process is Psychodarama. As of yet, I have only experienced through improv
glimmers of the experience you and Rumi eloquently refer to. I have
witnessed it in others, and look forward to 'throwing my own shining into
the universe.'

I embrace the "Il faut insister" - I know that this is true and also how
difficult it is to sustain. Old stories and story styles get in the way.
Thanks again for the inspiration.

Rich DiNapoli


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