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Debbie Broome amplified Dr. Blanco's comments about money as a motivator:

>Dr. Ivan Blanco writes:
> MOney is important in our "modern" societies, but it still a lousy
>motivator (if at all!).

Debbie adds:
>I have learned rather quickly, that the money
>doesn't mean anything.

I think I agree with the spirit of this and, in fact, had my most meaningful
job in an arena which actually precluded getting rich (it was the Army).
Never the less, I think it is important to add that, while money may not be
a great motivator, it is an important "satisfyer".

What I mean by this is that, once a person has a satisfactory amount of
money, more money no longer really motivates them, BUT, when one has an
unsatisfactory amount of money, more money is a HUGE motivator.

Steven Covey has a great analogy likening money to air: if you were suddenly
deprived of air to breathe, air is all you would think about and you would do
nearly anything to get it. But once air is restored, you don't even think
about it and I could not motivate you by offering "more" air.

What constitutes a "satisfactory" amount of money is a slippery concept, and
it will vary quite a bit from person to person, but I believe it does exist.
Because of this, I think that the idea that "Money is not a motivator" is
valid, but incomplete when dealing with people with a variety of financial
positions. Thus I like the "Money is a satisfyer" concept.

Robert L.


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