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At 10:24 PM 8/26/96, Jim Michmerhuizen wrote:
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>A paragraph here catches my eye:
>> The phrase was in general use in cognitive psychology, especially as
>> applied to the philosophy of mind and to the analysis of human-computer
>> interaction, from that time on. I presume that's where Senge got it
>> from; I think I remember seeing a reference in the 5th Discipline
>> Fieldbook to that effect.

As it happens, I was responsible for that paragraph in the Fifth Discipline
Fieldbook. My wife, Faith Florer, is a cognitive psychologist. She helped
me trace the term back to its first published roots - it was, to our
knowledge, coined by Scottish psychologist Kenneth Craik in the 1940s.

Our source on this was Philip Johnson-Laird of Princeton, who used the term
in his early papers. It was also used by Jay Forrester, and appears with
strong emphasis in the book Industrial Dynamics. I presume that's where
Peter Senge got it...

Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert also used it.


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