Positive Conflict LO7684

Hays, Joe (HAYS@volpe1.dot.gov)
Thu, 30 May 96 12:43:00 EDT

Replying to LO7420 --

LO #s LO7111 and LO7420.

Someone had asked for me to expound on Positive Conflict, particular tools
and techniques for employing C+ in organizations to promote change. The
requester did not provide contact information and I would like to
begin/continue the conversation. There seemed to be interest in exploring
the mental models organizational members hold around conflict.

If the author, or anyone else would like to dialogue on C+ please write or
call me:

[Host's Note: Joe, how about starting us off with a brief explanation of
C+? And, everyone please remember that it's good practice everywhere on
the internet to include your name and email address at the bottom of your
msg. There are a number of circumstances in which this is needed in order
to communicate back to you. Your "sig" at the bottom is *required* on
learning-org. ...Rick]

J. Martin Hays, Ed.D.
Change Management Division
The Volpe Center
55 Broadway, Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142

(617) 494-2095



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