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The Education Policy Analysis Archives has an article about Action Research.
The address is:

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The article is by Stephen Kemmis from Deakin University in Australia.
Kemmis and Robin McTaggart, also from Deakin, are regarded here and
overseas, as signific-aant writers and practitioners in the area. In
Australia, action reserach is widely used in school reform projects -
teams of teachers, sometimes with parents and students, attempt to find
out more about, and thus change, "problems" in schools. School change
literature in this country has many examples of action research case

Kemmis has written three handbooks on Action Research. I have not looked
at the Deakin home page but the bookshop there certainly sells his and
most of the key action research texts. You could also e mail Kemmis. If he
follows the formula of his colleagues it will be something like:
[Host Note: I did not verify the email address.]

Good luck.
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