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I'm new to this newsgroup. My name is Karthyeni, Kathy for short...I'm
with a R&D Institute called MIMOS (Malaysian Institute of Microelectronics
Systems), a leading research Institute in Malaysia, aiming to be a
learning organisation. I am an enthusiast of this concept and have pursued
it as a subject of interest. I am trained in the field of Sociology and
have recently obtained a Masters in Human Resource Management from UK. I
currently manage the Human Resource Function in the Corporate Services
Division at MIMOS.

I wish to get in touch with people with similar interest from the Asia
Pasific region, to exchange ideas or perhaps even to begin a viable
project in Malaysia, related to perhaps something similar as the
Innovation Associates in the US and Canada. Opportunities in this field
seem promising,as it seems to be in its infancy still in this region, so I
welcome any input or opinion on the matter.

Recently, I received a very encouraging note from Peter Senge, urging me
to continue to perservere as I was increasingly discouraged with the lack
of appreciation for this concept at my place of work. I believe being in
touch with others on this newsgroup would help me achieve new milestones
in leading towards a learning organisation. I welcome any correspondence,
especially if there are others from Malaysia interested on the same



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