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In LO7607, Sue writes:

The more I learn about LO's and Deming Philosophy, the more I see the
"error's of my way". It has led to significant personal change for me. I
think personal change (or, in Peter Senge's terms, Personal Mastery;
Deming's, Personal Transformation) is at the root of widespread change. I
know what it has done for me and my effectiveness. It is a very humbling

>The extent of my own personal change has now led me to leave the
>bureaucracy in order to discover who I am outside this company where I've
>worked for 15 years.

I admire your courage and respect your decision. I wish you the best of

I too have wondered, if my desire to fully master myself and to fully
transform will require me to leave. Transform into what? I don't know --
it's an adventure. For now, I have concluded that the greatest challenge
awaits me where I am, in a business that claims it wants to transform
itself into an LO. My greatest accomplishment, will be to achieve
personal mastery in spite of my surroundings, and still have some fire
left over to influence the organization in a positive direction. If I
leave, I know I will wonder, what role I could have played in turning
things around.

>I'd be interested in hearing how others relate personal change to LO

Hope I answered that above! :-)

Diane Korzeniewski


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