Will Sr. Managers Change? LO7417

Keith Cowan (72212.51@CompuServe.COM)
13 May 96 21:28:44 EDT

Replying to LO7394 --

Brock Vodden <brock.vodden@odyssey.on.ca> responds to:
>What is the problem? Lack of productivity? Poorly educated executive
>teams? Senior managers who won't change? Help me to understand what you
>seem to have a clear picture of.

with the following:
>These are the symptoms.
>My thesis is that the source of the problems is the traditional way most
>of our organizations (public, private, and voluntary sectors) select,
>promote, and develop their managers makes these problems predictable. I
>believe that as a country, we need to deal with the matter further
>upstream -- changing the tradition, not just patching up the casualties.

I have seen senior managers change significantly when they actually see
the results of employee empowerment. Of course, others get scared and shut
down. If the focus of the empowerment is on their hottest business problem
they can truly "buy-in". Then the other items seem to fall into place.

It comes out of taking a systems approach to instituting change. It does
require a committed CEO and probably works best in a private company.

I am just more optimistic than Brock that we do not have to wait until the
school system and whole reward system is changed before the first
integrated steps toward an LO can take place. I do acknowledge that the
successes can be dismissed because _____ (you fill in the excuse OTD).


Keith Cowan <72212.51@CompuServe.COM>

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