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***********************exerpt from Brock Vodden's message
One thing I have not mentioned: most of these people are highly motivated
and intelligent. Many are strongly opinionated. It might take a magic wand
to bring about these new perceptions.

Brock: I was intrigued to see my opinions expressed in your statement...
it is an opinion I've been mulling over a great deal lately as I search
for a new position as a TQM/OD internal consultant....

The question I had to ask myself is... "What skills do I need to learn as
a consultant to these bright, driven opinionated executives to show the
value of what I think could help?"

My answer was instructive:
* patience with them for not seeing the value as I do
* compassion for the pressures that keep them in familiar territory
* better understanding of their world so I can translate the values
* more success with my methods/approaches so the value will be clear

What would your answer be?

As I see it, this boils down to the same skills I help others in the
organization build, how to create shared meaning and similar mental
models, systems thinking..

If you were consulting to "yourself" on the systems dynamics operating to
keep you from being as successful as you would like with the top
executives who aren't seeing how systems thinking could help... what
archetype do you see operating?

What would the leverage points be in such an archetype...one's you could


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