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Simon Hurley (
Fri, 24 May 1996 09:36:22 +1200

Dear Discussion Group Member

Relevance in research is particularly important, especially in the area of
Technology for Manufacturing.

Here at Massey University, New Zealand, we are organising a conference
were the papers will be judged for relevance and practicality, by a panel
of industry and research professionals. The conference is called
Technology for Manufacturing and a list of topic areas is at the end of
this mail message.

Submission deadline for abstracts is August 15th, 1996.

For more information about the conference look in the WWW page at:

email me with your address and I will snail mail you a call for papers.

Thank you

Dr Simon Hurley
Co-chair of the Technology for Manufacturing conference
"Integrating manufacturing research with industry's needs"


Conference papers in, but not limited to, the areas listed
below are invited from research institutions and industrial
enterprises. Poster presentations on research in the early
stages of development are also invited.

Processing technology
Quality management/engineering
Automation and control
Global manufacturing and implications for Australasia
People and manufacturing
Design for manufacturability
Learning organisations
Information technology for management
Green manufacturing
Management of operations


Simon Hurley <>

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