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>"What experience do you have in their particular
>area?" I answered, "None." The client said, "What makes you think
>you can help us?" I answered, "I don't know if I can or not but if
>what I said sounds useful, then maybe we can explore the possibility

Amen to that. We have a national franchising client that was won that
way. After nearly an hour with the CEO, it appeared to the both of us that
we had the basic toolkit required to serve his firm, then he asked what I
knew about the franchising industry. I shot back, "I haven't a clue, but
it sounds similar to the offshore distribution operations with which I've
been involved." We agreed to meet again the following day. I went to the
Net that evening, found six franchising sites, including an SBA tutorial,
downloaded and read the lot, brought in copies for the CEO the next day.
We got the job and have been doing programs across his firm for a year now
and he has, in turn, referred us onward.

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