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Rick, here is a perspective that I like - and take - on work beyond
my known competence.

I was once asked to do a demo marketing in front of a few hundred
consultants. The prospect was a university or city government or
some such. At any rate, it was something that I had no experience

I made my pitch about what I had to offer - mainly in my own terms
because I didn't know their problems, concerns, intentions - and the
prospect said, "What experience do you have in their particular
area?" I answered, "None." The client said, "What makes you think
you can help us?" I answered, "I don't know if I can or not but if
what I said sounds useful, then maybe we can explore the possibility

My assumption was that the prospect was asking because they didn't
already have an expert source or knew that wasn't the place to look.

The reaction of the people that had asked me to do the demo can only
be described as "stunned". They couldn't believe that I hadn't
attempted to con the prospect, to lie about my experience, to make up
a story about why it would work.

But I knew my stuff, I didn't need the money, and I'd be happy to
stop if the relationship was not proving useful.

My idea of responsible consulting is be authentic, tell the truth,
don't try and con a prospect or client. Or, as Guramyi said when I
asked her about work, "All there is, is to do the best you can. And
do it with love."

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