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Rol Fessenden wrote:

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> First, I did not and can not offer solutions. If someone has
> solutions, then let's anoint that person, and let them solve the
> problems. Just because we accept responsibility, does not mean even
> for a minute, that we can solve -- or even know how to solve -- the
> problems facing us. I think we have to struggle a long time before
> we can answer this question. We have to live with ambiguity. We
> have to talk to each other, and struggle with ideas. If, at the end
> of the day, I have loved my family, worked at my job, taken care of
> my personal needs, and struggled a bit with these issues, then
> perhaps I have done enough. At least for now. Some day I may have
> an epiphany, and understand how else I can contribute, but for now,
> that is all. However, the important point is, I am wondering what
> _my_ role is in the solution. I am no longer wondering what
> everyone else's role is. That is a very large difference, and it
> colors the way I think about the issues.
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Very inspirational, Rol! Thanks a million. Let me just add a twist=20
to a popular commonplace. People sometimes say to us, "If your not=20
part of the solution, you're part of the problem." However, it's=20
usually the opposite, "If you can't see how your part of the problem,=20
you'll never be part of the solution."


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