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Michael McMaster wrote:
> Augustine,
> Funny how we leap to our reactions. Triggered by the emotive
> content of "profit", we either jump in eager to defend or attack -
> and find out that the issue was from a completely different aspect.
> What is "profit" in an information age? What is "capital" in an
> information age? The meaning transforms and, with that
> transformation, we also might transform our interpretations - and
> hence our reactions.
> There is a group engaged with this question - specifically
> investigating "intellectual capital" - and the measurement of its
> accumulation and the returns on it on a Lotus Notes system.
> The name of the group is ICON and senior executives from Dow,
> Skandia and CIBC to name a few participate in it. It is open to
> subscription. I am part of this project but am not particularly
> familiar with the conditions of entry.
> The project is managed by Heidi Billet and she can be reached at
> jaguar@Co-I-L.com

Michael: Thank you for the suggestion and I intend to follow up with your
lead. To tell you the truth I'm not sure exactly what I'm try to get at
with my question regarding "The Learning Organizaiton and Capitalism." I
really didn't have intellectual capital in mind in my origianl post.

I suppose that part of what I'm stuggling with is the interplay of theory
and history, if that helps. As I mentioned in one of my posts, right now
I'm reading/processing the latest edition of *Tikkun*, a Jewish critique
of culture, society and politics. The Jewish word _tikkun_ means "to
heal, repair and transform." Again, this is another part of what I was
groping with in the "LO & Capitalism" post.


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