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Fri, 10 May 1996 16:08:11 -0400

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Replying to LO7311 & LO7313 in which John Farago asked me to explain what
I meant by organizational learning styles:


When I talk about organizational learning styles, I am not talking about
the learning styles of the individuals who populate organizations. Hence,
I am focusing on a different level of analysis than what Kolb and
Mumford/Honey focus on.

Organizations are social systems; organizational learning is learning that
comes to reside in the organization independent of the individuals in that
organization. An individual may leave the organization but the learning
or knowledge does not because it has been stored or transferred.

Organizational learning occurs because of a social process built from the
patterned behavior of individuals working togther. What are the
dimensions of learning as a social (not individual) process? For example,
how does knowledge come to be shared or disseminated across an
organization? Organizational learning styles derive from combining (or
matrixing) patterns of social behavior.


Tony DiBella



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