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John Farago (jfarago@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Tue, 7 May 96 07:25 BST-1

Replying to LO7192 --

In a separate message I asked Tony deBella to explain learning styles of
organizations. But I failed to mention research on individual learning
styles by Alan Mumford and Peter Honey in a series of books e.g. : 'The
manual of learning styles' Maidenhead: published by Peter Honey ISBN 0
9508444 7 0

Based on Kolb's learning cycle, they suggest that we each have different
propensity to use four different styles:

7 *activist
7 * reflector
7 * theorist
7 *pragmatist

While we all use a combination of styles, each individual tends to learn
more effectively in one of the styles than in others. By completing a
learning style questionnaire, individuals can ascertain their preferred
style and either reinforce their dominant style or attempt to balance
styles by focusing on strengthening the weaker ones.

By the way, does anyone reading this know what David Kolb is now doing? I
heard that he is at case Western University, but have not read of his work
since the original famous Learning Cycle.

Greetings from Wimbledon John


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