Power of Systems Thinking Conf LO7312 -Boston 6/11-12

LeAnne Grillo (leanne@world.std.com)
Wed, 8 May 1996 22:06:10 -0400 (EDT)

Pegasus Communications, Inc. announces the second annual Power of Systems
Thinking Conference, June 11-12, 1996 at the Swissotel, Boston.

Entitled "System Dynamics--Redesigning Your Corporate Future", this
conference focuses on the business and practical applications of the tools
of system dynamics. Keynote speakers include:

Barry Richmond--"Engineering Successful Transformation Efforts:
Shifting from Intellectual to Operational Understanding"

Barry is the managing director of High Performance Systems
and has been a pioneer in bringing the power of system
dynamics computer simulations into the hands of managers.

John Sterman--"The Improvement Paradox: Designing Sustainable
Quality Improvement Programs

John is a professor of management science at the MIT Sloan
School of Management and director of MIT's System Dynamics

Vic Leo--"Test Driving the Future: Confronting Complexity and Intuition

Vic Leo is the system dynamics and organizational learning
manager in the Strategy Office at Ford Motor Company.

Peter Senge--"The Fifth Discipline and the Infrastructures of a
Learning Organization"

Peter Senge, best-selling author of The Fifth Discipline is an
international leader in the area of creating learning
organizations. Peter has a Ph.D. in system dynamics from MIT.

Concurrent sessions will provide a mix of hands-on workshops and
application- based case studies.

A pre-conference session, "The Building Blocks of Systems Thinking" is
offered on Monday, June 10 and four choices of post-conference sessions
are offered on Thursday and Friday.

Please call Pegasus Communications at 617-576-1231 for a brochure, or
email me your snail mail address or fax number and we will mail or fax a

Thanks for your interest in this work.

LeAnne Grillo
Conference Director
Pegasus Communications, Inc.



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