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On Thu, 09 May 1996 14:59 Bill Hobler wrote -

> Joan Promo wrote
> >None of these are true and leadership is actually easy to understand and
> >easy to execute through specific actions backed up by specific reasons why
> >they are correct and others are incorrect.
> These specific actions and specific reason are pretty much rote aspects of
> leadership. Information about them is available in any of the good books
> and seminars about leadership. Old stuff. The issue is that good
> leadership, the kind that takes whole groups to higher ground is practiced
> by highly competent people. Developing this level of competency is hard.

I sense that you and I are not talking about the same "specific actions
and specific reasons". The ones to which I am referring can only be found
in our book, "How to Unleash the Power of People", to my knowledge. You
imply that those actions and reasons to which you refer are not able to
take "whole groups to higher ground". Ours are able to take people to
higher ground and are easy to understand and easy to execute. The higher
ground to which I refer is characterized by highly motivated, highly
committed and highly creative team players who love to come to work and
are at least 300% more productive per person than if poorly motivated.

The only reason my associate wrote his book is that the specific actions
which he developed/used in the course of a 30+ year career of managing
people could not be found in any books. In fact, he goes so far to say
that almost all existing books do not have actions executable in the
workplace, only concepts. These books also do not include compelling
theory or reasons to back up their concepts. In addition, our "actions"
are not dependent on the manager's/leader's personality, position or level
of experience.

I would appreciate if you would give me the name of one or two books which
you believe do provide actions backed up by reasons which would teach
anyone to be a super manager of people, to get to the "higher ground".

Thanks in advance, Joan
Joan Pomo The Finest Tools for Managing People
Simonton Associates Based on the book
jpomo@gate.net "How to Unleash the Power of People"


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