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>Barry asks for our ideas:
>>If you were to contribute to the design of a curricular understructure or
>>framework where COLLABORATION was to be a dynamic, guiding principle, what
>>bulleted items (activities, environments, interactions, etc.) would you
>>propose for that structure?
>Processes sufficiently well designed and managed that people are not so
>disgusted with them that they stop collaborating because of the process

John poses an interesting issue for me. I have been involved in the
design and implementation of what I naively refer to as "Intelligent
Systems" for many years. I can usually design a process that will work
very nicely IF well managed. Therein lies the rub. There is a leadership
type which is not that of a leader, but that of an inheritor or a last
remaining survivor. This type calls for change, pays for change, then
ignores any systems brought about by change while still claiming to favor
it. Many of you have seen it, I'm sure.

To paraphase Kris Kristofferson: "Learning's just another word for nothing
left to lose" in the world of this type. (This is an incomplete thought,
spurred by Warfield's wish, help build on it, this unit needs input).

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