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Wed, 08 May 1996 20:38:52

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>Barry asks for our ideas:
>>If you were to contribute to the design of a curricular understructure or
>framework where COLLABORATION was to be a dynamic, guiding principle, what
>bulleted items (activities, environments, interactions, etc.) would you
>propose for that structure?

* develop and maintain a common database of strategic information
that people can easily access and understand - I will only
collaborate with people when I trust their intentions - I need
data to be able to do that

* build a sense of community supported by a common purpose which
people recognise and value as giving them what they need as well as
contributing to something bigger than themselves - something they
would be unable to achieve alone - and be sure they recognise that
it cannot be done without their unique contribution

* allow the internal and external organisational realities to be
key drivers - ensure they never become undiscussable or by-passed
have people raise the issues and work together on new ways of doing
business which are better

* maximise participation by every part of the collaborating
community - arrrange a variety of processes to support
participation. Allow people to devlop a sense of responsibility
for making things happen and creating the things they need to do so
- support the removal of barriers to participation

* design processes which support decision making in real time - when
decisions cannot be made or have to be referred to other groups ask
what information was not available and how it could be made so - if
people make decisions you do not agree with when you are not there
ask what strategic information you had which they did not have
which would have enabled them to make a decision which you felt
took acccount of your perspective/needs

* constantly ask what you would prefer the future to look like -
focus on creating that rather than looking for scapegoats for the
past - take responsibility for the future and make it happen

and celebrate each other and what a fantastic collaborative
community you are and how it would not be possible without

enjoy - it is the future we are creating - right now!!

Julie Beedon
VISTA Consulting - for a better future


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